General Questions

What is Black Salmon?

Black Salmon is a Real Estate investment firm, focused primarily on prime commercial assets. The Company offers investment opportunities in all major cities of the United States.

What types of real estate does Black Salmon offer?

Black Salmon offers access to a variety of commercial properties such as office, industrial and retail opportunities located in major cities across the United States.

How do you select the location for the properties?

We choose properties in attractive and growing cities with a variety of up and coming neighborhoods. Additionally, we believe it’s important that the locations chosen complement the labor market with top tier universities.

Does Black Salmon provide investment advice?

No. We do not make any recommendations, solicit any offers to buy or sell any securities, nor provide any investment advice.

Investment Process

How do I invest in a Black Salmon deal?

Contact us at info@blacksalmon.com and one of our representatives will be ready to help you. After registering, you now have access to a portfolio of investment opportunities where you can read about each deal and decide if the investment is right for you.

How is the investment process structured?

The Black Salmon model offers investment opportunities in commercial real estate, through professional investment accounts. Investors around the world have access to world class real estate by buying our ETPs (Exchange Traded Products). These ETPs are private subscriptions that are globally distributed through a Euroclear.

Black Salmon’s ETPs are specially designed for Non -US persons looking to engage in commercial real estate assets located in the United States.

This program provides price (NAV) calculation and distribution, ISIN/-CUSIP codes, Bloomberg listing, trustee and audit services.

What is an ETP?

Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) are listed exchange traded securities structured as notes which track the performance of an underlying asset. They trade on London Stock Exchange’s Main Market ensuring a high level of regulatory oversight. These securities trade and settle like ordinary shares but do not have secondary market.

Do I receive a cashflow from the property?

If your investment was done on a cashflowing asset, you should receive your cashflow into your investment account.

When would I receive the cashflow?

Notes are paid on a quarterly base schedule.

What supporting documents should I present for my investment?

Since the Know Your Client (KYC) was done when the investment account was opened, there is no need for further documentation.

What is the investment time horizon?

The timing of each investment varies widely depending on the type of property and the underlying investment strategy. In average it is between 5 -7 years.

How do investors transfer funds to the issuers?

Once you have the ISIN number, your trader should be in position for executing the purchase of our ETP.

Can you resell your ETPs?

Our ETPs do not have secondary market, but we will do our best to help each investor for their particular case.

Who supervises Black Salmon’s investments?

We have yearly independent valuations for each underlying asset. The whole investment structure is audited and supervised by PWC.

Risks, Returns and Costs

What returns should I expect?

Returns cannot be guaranteed. The projected potential returns are based on certain assumptions as well as the due diligence we and our affiliates conduct prior to purchasing a property. Investors are required to acknowledge that investments that derive their value from real estate will always involve substantial risks; also, that such investments are not appropriate for all investors since there is no assurance that the objectives will be met and they must bear the possibility of an entire loss of their investment.

What are the potential risks involved?

Real estate investments are often risky and speculative in nature. Some of the different risks associated are:

  • Change in market conditions
  • Increase in costs
  • Operation
What security do you have for each investment?

Each investment deal offered through Black Salmon is secured by the issuers’ direct or indirect equity interests in the underlying real estate. As a way to have investments secured by the actual real estate asset, investors’ contributions are held in escrow until the issuer has raised enough capital to close on the property.

Are the investments offered by Black Salmon leveraged?

Investments offered through (BY) Black Salmon utilize varying degrees of leverage, which are senior to the equity interests of the issuer. The amount of leverage and resulting risks associated to such leverage are disclosed in the offering documents for each investment and should be carefully read prior to making an investment decision.